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Happy Birthday Kim Jonghyun!

From the minute I started watching SHINee’s “Hello Baby”, you were the first member who caught my eye. Your outgoing and humorous nature definitely stood out, and I’ve kept my eye on you since. You have caught the eyes and hearts of countless shawols and Kpop fans through your magnificent voice, looks, abs, and quirky tweets. Your image is an egotistical player, yet behind the scenes you are a dorky crybaby with a soft and sensitive heart. Your passion for music and the SHINee fans has inspired us all, and we are thankful for that. I hope you know that the SHINee World and I will always be by your side because you help to make our pains dissappear and our hearts shine every day. Thank you Kim Jonghyun. Happy Birthday, and continue to be who you are because you are one in a million.  

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